We offer a full range of professional staffing services to employers to save them time, money, and a lot of work. We have helped businesses of all kinds and sizes maximize productivity, lower turn-over rates, increase employee retention by providing quality workers that are eager to prove themselves in the work force. We provide job training and one-on-one job coaching for our clients at no cost to the employers helping to reduce labor costs and make training easier and faster. 

We have all the resources your business needs—including the tools and accelerators, and the experienced team of employment specialists—to successfully help you pick the employees that make a winning team.

We help disadvantaged workers find their place in the work force. Whether you are disabled or simply struggling to find employment that fits your needs and particular skill set our team of caring employment specialists will work hard to help you join the work force and get the job you are looking for. No matter what job or field you are interested in, from interviewing preparation and training to one-on-one job coaching Helping Hands is here to help you every step of the way from start to success.

No matter what the industry, whether you are an employer looking to save time and money finding the right employees or a worker tired of spending 40 hours a week looking for a job instead of working at one, call Helping Hands today and let us do the work for you!